Superstores, cheap plonk and hand made paper

Knocking superstores has become a national pastime but today I can report good news ! I have been aciduously collecting the flowers from my camellia and have a huge carrier bag of them. My idea was to put them in a blender and make both ink and paper infused with camellia pulp !
When I informed Mrs Chris of my intentions I was reminded that the spare liquidiser was taken into college for paper making – sadly I retired 18 months ago and in my hurry to escape I left it there ! So yesterday I wrote that off and ordered an incredibly cheap one from Tesco’s with the weekly shopping. (It goes without saying that I have my own blender for use with potentially toxic vegetable matter). The weekly food delivery came and rather than getting a disposable blender I have ended up with one that cost twice as much for the same money ! Hurrah for price matching ! I can’t believe that if they were out of stock of my favourite cheap plonk – they would have sent me a bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pape instead but I live in hopes ! I have to congratulate them for the food too which arrived safe and sound and delivered by a cheery chap who was obviously enjoying the dry springlike weather !
I will photograph and document the process of making silk purses from sows ears later ! Hopefully There will also be another post where I will proudly showcase the results. I have always been interested in making paint, inks and paper and recycling organic matter from my own garden has to be good !
Bye for now

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