3 prints, developers and an abandonned “workmate”.



“The Ship Anson’ “The Hard” Portsmouth UK  ©www.chriswoodartist.com All rights reserved

This week, in between organising next terms teaching and doing a drawing for the Fareham Art Trail,  I am drawing up ideas for three new lino cuts.

The first of which is  “The Ship Anson”, situated within a stones throw of The Royal Naval Dockyard, overlooking HMS Warrior and Portsmouth Harbour. The “Hard” as it is known, is fast becoming a place of special interest for me, having painted the pub sign for the Victory Pub,(the subject of a previous post).

Typically, the whole area is under threat from developers, with a planned new bus station and a 40 storey University student accommodation block, replacing the Victory pub and Brunel House. In the near future I will be doing another post highlighting the plight of the bus station and the Hard in general.

Returning to print-making I began by thinking it would be interesting to do a print including the above three buildings but the project has grown and I am now considering doing a much larger composition including not only the view of the above but views FROM the above too ! So in effect, it will resemble a photographic joiner, as per David Hockney and others.


I felt that the wood engraving “Raphus Cucullatus”©www.chriswoodartist.com All rights reserved  (recently exhibited :’Time”: the GASP gallery) marked a turning point in my personal development and the fragmentation and return to narrative is something I will revisit in The Ship Anson print.

IMG_1470“Reflections :Abandoned Workmate” http://www.chriswoodartist.com All rights reserved 2014

To the left of the public slipway I found the incoming tide lapping around this abandoned workmate, which has a particular resonance for me as I am restoring an old boat and have a rusting workbench tucked under the covers of my little boat ! Hopefully the tide wont be lapping around either !

I wont bore you with my entire photo-shoot and must say to my photographer friends that these photos are in their raw state, shot with my ipad as I wondered around sketching and soaking up the late afternoon heat.

I will add more to this post as my drawings and thoughts crystalise into some form of reality !

I don’t want to give too much away too soon but one of the other prints will involve a dockyard crane and fish and chips – but that really is another story !

Cheerio 4 Now – I have to pay a cheque into the bank as I now have another student for my forthcoming GROUNDcourse “DRAWING & PAINTING SKILLS of the masters, which begins 18.9.14 at The Omega Centre in Portsmouth. For further details go to CLASSES on this website.

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