A Tribute

Hannah Wrapped & and Sleeping

Over the years I’ve made thousands of drawings from life. My models are male and female – young and old. I have a very small number of models because I tend to use the ones that are reliable and most importantly the ones that are sympathetic with the process of drawing. I find my drawings work best once I understand the personalitiy of the sitter – their phyisque is the easy bit. Life drawing has much in common with portraiture, except we usually draw the model minus their clothes and we don’t just focus on the upper torso and or head. I like to express something that is unseen, something that is within the model but something that I have to decipher, interpret and record. It often takes many sittings to gain an appreciation of the models personality. Some are very lively and outgoing – but I like to go beyond the obvious and find something that lies within. Often I don’t even know what it is when I find it and its only after careful consideration of the drawings themselves that the elusive character a model becomes apparent.

That’s why when a model either decides they don’t want to do it any more or they leave the area for pastures new – it can be very difficult – if not impossible to replace them. My models are all unique. It is an awful job and not one I could do! Good luck to you all – you are very brave and very sorely missed  !

Drawing : Chris N Wood : Made using Derwent Aquatone Crayon No 65 Burnt Carmine. Copyright Chris N Wood All Rights Reserved

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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