It’s official – I’m a free man – no longer a sixth form teacher ! Some may call it retirement. I can’t afford or have any desire to retire, so I’m shifting tack and from today I will be chriswoodartist – goodbye to chris wood art and graphics teacher – hello to freedom. Freedom to paint, sculpt and print. Freedom to research, write and publish. Freedom to go to my studio as often as I like. Freedom to draw, experiment and develop ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Today is the first day of all this new found freedom and I don’t intend wasting it. I am currently exhibitting a couple of framed linocuts in the Omega Printmaking Show in the Cathedral in Old Portsmouth and aim to contribute more prints to other shows later in the year. This morning started by moving 12 boxes of my former life from the hall, up four flights of stairs to my office at the top of the house. I aim to be ruthless with the contents and throw away most of it but this will all be rather tedious and I’m sure there are other more creative diversions that will distaract me.

I want to get stuck into my new creative lifestyle straight away by adding to my current series of architectural linocuts.  In addition I want to explore chine colle and portraiture. More of this later . . .



About chriswoodartist

painter, print-maker and illustrator

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