Maps & Mapping

Jon Adams is fellow Art Space artist from Portsmouth and amongst other things he is doing a project based on mapping and Geology and it was he that inspired a mini series of diversions of my own. When we use the word map we often think of cartography but that’s another story entirely. What follows is really a data map or perhaps a distraction map because that’s what this one is. On the 30.6.12 I was in my studio carving out a linocut block that I was going to subsequently make a print from. I got a little distracted by one thing and another and began to list the time and what I was doing.

30.6.12 Studio 3 Artspace Portsmouth

17.20 Working on Linocut block of “The Pembroke”, Old Portsmouth

17.23 Put on Jean-Michel Jarre’s Oxygene CD on

17.24  19 degrees C

17.25 Begun picking tiny holes in the surface of the road to create texture and varying tones

17.28 Closed studio and went upstairs for a pressing call of nature ! Too many cups of tea !

17.32 Experiencing back ache

17.39 Read about the Architectural satirist Osbert Lancaster

17.40 Feeling Hungry

17.47 Feeling cold, so put on grey denim caretakers coat – perhaps I should have worn a t shirt under my cord shirt

17.59 Put Clapton Chronicles CD on

18.04 Ate Plain Chocolate biscuit

18.14 Cleaned reading glasses

18.21 Clapton sings “Layla”

18.28 Threw away 6 x 4 Flyers (put in swing bin in the corner)

18.48 Wind gets up and blows the tissue paper placed over the windows

18.49 19.1 degrees

19.04 Listening to Diary of a Nobody on radio. Episode 1 : Jonny Vegas as Mr Pooter

(episode 2 Sat 14th July 9.00pm repeat)

I do hope that wasn’t too boring !! More to follow !

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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