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I’m sorry to bang on about this but – for the last couple of months I have been organising and curating a life drawing exhibition and finally, the big day is here – the preview is tonight at 6.30 pm !

For further details scroll back through my blog to the call for submissions or hit the link below :

So far we have had some fantastic feedback and hopefully tonight will be a great success ! The press releases have gone out and the Portsmouth Evening News have interviewed me – albeit on the phone – so fingers crossed for tomorrow’s copy of The Guide, which is a “whats on” suppliment inside the newspaper. They have said there will be an article on yours truly plus,  “A BODY OF WORK : a medley of contemporary life drawing” ! The work is a showcase of observational, creative, and expressive drawings made by my Advanced Life Drawing Class which I teach on Monday evenings at the Portsmouth Grammar School. There are some great images, many of which have been made in a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes, from linocuts, to monprinting, charcoal drawing, mixed media, collage, pastel and charcoal etc.  Some of the drawings are quite experimental and bare witness to the fact that we explore contemporary and sometimes challenging themes.

So to conclude, that’s two shows since I retired on the 6th July 2012 – now its time to get stuck into making some work for the next couple, both of which are  in December. It seems a long way off but I’m sure I will need to burn some midnight oil between now and Christmas to get the work completed !! Retirement would be so dull if I only had to tend the roses !

Images will follow  – for now – I’m off to the studio – many thanks for reading !

please feel free to make a comment or better still follow my blog !!

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