Art Installation in Portsmouth

crane, site specific installation, art ?

I first spotted this unusual sight from the top floor of my house. At first I wasn’t sure where the action was taking place but I soon realised it was the new extension to the former School of Art Design & Media, part of the new faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, which, in turn, is part of Portsmouth University. The crane towers above the former Space Gallery, that was host to so many wonderful exhibitions over the years, the last of which was a site specific drawing, by local artist, Peter Codling, who over a period of several months, covered the entire gallery, from floor to ceiling, in a dramatic and thought provoking epitaph . see

Sadly the drawing and the gallery are no more and were demolished in November 2011 – all that remains is a busy construction site, filled with machines and the reinforced concrete footings of the new west wing. From my studio window I saw this huge crane being lifted into position by an even bigger crane – sadly I didn’t get down to the site to record that particular episode for posterity !

Having exhibited in the former gallery myself, I miss it and am looking forward to the opening of the new building in May 2013. This is part of a major project to lift the entire 1970’s Eldon Building into the 21st Century and the computer projections look intruiging. see

At the moment the jury is out over the design and I aim to photograph and record the construction and make further comments – watch this SPACE and feel free to make your own COMMENTS.

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