In the life drawing studio

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The anatomy is a little bizarre, due to sticking down the blue masking tape, first, then making the rest fit in with what I had in mind. I’ll add to this post later.

The image is from one of the hundreds made during my life drawing workshops, held in the art department of Portsmouth Grammar School. More on this later. . . .

For now I have to go and open my studio – although its another scortching hot day and I’d rather be out taking photos and or doing the odd drawing in a nice shady corner – somewhere where I can be alone and not bombarded with the usual question . . . .”are you an artist Mr” !! Over the years I have learned to be patient but I am afraid I like to get on with my work and not have any distractions. Talking of which, whilst writing this I’m having to endure a delightful neighbours idea of what is an acceptable volume for their sound system. They are currently pumping out a regular mechanical churning sound, more akin to what you would find in the engineroom of a large ship – the net result being somewhat nausiating – so a quiet afternoon at Art Space Portsmouth, should be just what the doctor ordered ! Oh and if you have to play dubious music, think of others and if you’re windows are wide open, turn the volume down – otherwise I might just retaliate with a bit of Mozart at full blast !!

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  1. Absolutley love the mix of colour and collage here for life drawing Chris. Keep up the great work

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