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This is my kind of gardening – let it do its worst – then let it do it again ! Then, and only then, trim and shape. I have the same philosophy when it comes to haircuts and my friends are accustomed to my annual haircut – although the aging process has helped !! More on haircuts later . . .

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  1. I think I take a similar approach – the only thing I’d say though is that it’d be good if we could get people to see in a another way & not consider this type of gardening to be doing “its worst”. Al least if our neighbours had a garden like yours they wouldn’t be complaining about our jasmin, as I see you already have some!

    • Many thanks for your comment I’m glad to hear other artists have a similar pragmatic approach to gardening ! Incidentally, I took a look at your blog and liked the graphic simplicity of your paintings – well done & keep it up !

  2. That’s nice of you – thanks. Where do I look to see your work? – Maybe I just haven’t looked properly here or is it that you have it on a separate site?

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