“Splat drawing” or perhaps “time to visit the Opticians”

“Splat” Charcoal, pen, graphite, Photoshop © chriswoodartist 2012

This morning was much the same as any other – perhaps with the exception of not having the required amount of sleep, due to panting dogs, affectionate cats and a very humid bedroom! I got up at 7.30 am, ambled downstairs to the kitchen, in the basement and proceeded to make tea for two. Then I shuffled off up the stairs, a large mug of tea in each hand, whereupon I detected something squidgy underfoot, at first I believed it to be a large black slug, adhering to the sole of my foot. However, this was not the case (as you can see from the above doodle) it was a decidedly dead mouse (or I hope so) that my little feline friend, Geoffrey had caught and carefully deposited on the stair. I wear reading glasses and suposedly have 20:20 vision in one eye but that was no help and I blundered into (on top of) my gift. If the little bundle of fur was merely sleeping, there on the stair – I really do apologise ! 13 stones of middle aged artist on top of it certainly didn’t help ! I’ll be more careful in future – and perhaps wear slippers !! Who knows I may even visit the optician !

About chriswoodartist

painter, print-maker and illustrator

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