The modest Vanessa atalanta, exigencies and pilgrimages !

“The modest Vanessa atalanta” (Red Admiral) © copyright chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. Having tidied up my decking, swept the paths, pruned the bushes, bagged the rubbish and watered the garden -I celebrated by taking a couple of quick photos . I tried to persuade this chappy to open his wings but he wasn’t having any of it and basked in the sun – sitting there on the roof of my bird table – which is now visible and no longer swathed in winter jasmin ! I usually have hundreds of butterflies in the garden but I cut the buddleia down to the ground last autumn and this year it’s been sulking and its not produced any flowers.

The pond has now been filled and in order to do so I had to make a colony of snails homeless – I’m such a calous swine – but they were congregating in vast numbers in my hose reel and I couldn’t unwind the hose without major carnage. Ho hum that’s this weeks quota of karma back down to zero!

“Lace cap Hydrangea serrata Blue Bird” © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. This poor specimum has got a little straggly due to a lack of light – I love those blue, allien like flowers. Following on from this mornings exigencies, when my good lady and I filled another 8 bags with prunings, I fear another pilgrimage to the local dump will on the agenda tomorrow – for now though – I’m off to the studio !

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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