Save our bees

My knowledge of bees is very sketchy. However, I knew the bee population was in trouble but I had no idea just what how serious the issue is. If bees became extinct we would all have less than a decade to live without them – as our flora, fauna and one-third of our diet would be wiped out – a sobering thought !

In my garden in Hampshire (UK) I have noticed that the number of bumble bees has dropped and aparently there are 50% less bees than there were. The poor creatures have suffered not only from various natural diseases but they are ingesting pesticides from crops treated with systemic insect nerve agents – because the chemicals are present in nectar and pollen. I have already mentioned in this blog that I don’t approve of chemicals to control what happens in my own garden and I fully support organic farming. I may even start to grow my own fruit and vegetables – although in my slug infested garden – that might not be a roaring success ! Any comments or tips will be much appreciated !

Returning to the plight of the humble bee I have observed and captured a few photos of visiting honey bees  who currently seem attracted to my golden flag and sedum plants. I almost got a half decent shot of a common bumble bee which perched on my fuschia for a few seconds but the photo was not in sharp focus – so I’m afraid it got editted (or binned – as we say in the trade) !

Back in 2007 I went to an excellent exhibition of the work of contemporary sculptor Bill Woodrow, at The Great Hall in Winchester (UK). All the exhibits were inspired by bees or bee keeping and there were some really thought provoking pieces. Sadly I didn’t take any photographs but I’ve included a link to see a few examples. Also included are a few links to various conservation sites etc.

Today’s message is SAVE OUR BEES !! Talk about bees, make art about bees, spread the word, make toast and spread some HONEY ! Check this link for Sculptor Bill Woodrow’s bee sculptures

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