PGS Artist In Residence 9.9.12 : 12.00 noon

Yesterday was spent coaxing my truculent computer into performing a series of basic tasks but it was behaving like it wanted to be on the beach, rather than overheating in my office. Fortunately, the computer realised that I wasn’t going to give up and it eventually capitulated ! I managed to upload a series of images from my trusty Nikon, then manipulated them in Photoshop and produced a quick post summarising my progress with the Portsmouth Grammar School (PGS) Residency.

Today, on a roll, I spoke a few kind words to said computer and so far so good – it has been hooked up to the printer, I’ve done a handout for tomorrow’s life drawing class and I’ve printed out a batch of photos for me to reinvent.

“Self Portrait with Panama – a Reflection” © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

After lunch I’ll grab my materials and stagger off to do some more observational drawing – this might take the form of a drawing of Southsea Castle, which isn’t, strictly speaking, Old Portsmouth but I fell in love with it again yesterday as I walked past it with my rather dehydrated King Charles Spaniel ! Southsea Castle overlooks the spot where the famous Tudor Warship the Mary Rose sunk in the battle of the Solent against the French in 1545. I am currently doing a large oil painting documenting the battle and this has taken the best part of two years so far ! Onwards and upwards as they say ! Bye for now!

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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