Collaborative Drawings @ Portsmouth Grammar School

 Tuesday 18th September : Portsmouth Grammar School. The first of my series of collaborative pieces based on drawings created by the year 10 group  that I am working with. We went out and made some observational drawings concentrating on line and shape only and made one image of the exterior of Portsmouth City Museum, then superimposed a second drawing of the interior over the first drawing. All the drawings were scanned, then I manipulated the drawings using Photoshop. The above is a collaboration between two students, © Alice Priory, Sam Messenger & myself, chriswoodartist. All rights reserved 2012.

A collaborative piece © Francesca & chriswoodartist all rights reserved

A collaborative piece © SamMessenger & chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

A collaborative piece © Sophie P & chriswoodartist. All rights reserved 2012.

© Collaborative piece Ella Davis & chriswoodartist . All rights reserved 2012.

NB : I will amend/elaborate on the artists names when I have deciphered who drew them ! More images will follow when I’ve tweaked them ! I will also include some of the Portsmouth Cathedral drawings that we made on Monday.

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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