Drawing Residency update 23.9.12

Another Collaborative piece. Drawings © Poppy 2012 Image manipulation © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. The above clearly shows roof beams, stairwells and the stepped patterned brickwork around the towers surrounding the doorway.

Another Collaborative piece. Drawings © Helena 2012 Image manipulation © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. More collaborative images later !

“A corner of the PGS Residency Studio”. On the walls are a selection of charcoal drawings, created as demonstrations in my Advanced Life Drawing Workshop, which is held on Monday evenings. Next to “George” the skeleton are studies made for the architecture project. all drawings © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

“Another corner” – another shot of the PGS Residency Studio. Above the blue chair is a life study in charcoal. To the left is a more experimental piece which was made during the Pilchards and Custard Workshop. The free form swirling marks were made with a homemade brush that I cobbled together from some feathers that I taped to a thin and very flexible willow cane. The marks were made by dipping the feathers in thinned Quick ink and poster colour, then delicately applying them to the paper. © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. click on the images to enlarge them

This week was a busy week for staff and students alike. On Tuesday I took a group of year 10 students out drawing and this was the first port of call – the back of Portsmouth City Museum, which was once a military barracks, before being converted in 1971 to the fantastic museum that it is today. This truly is one of the best kept secrets in Portsmouth. We created one drawing of the exterior, then combined this with a view of the interior. The students had a choice between drawing the stairwell or a splendid view of the ceiling in one of one of the galleries, complete with expossed beams and roof trusses.  Best of all were the leather sofas to sprawl out on, whilst drawing said beams. The composite drawings were great and provided me with a good opportunity to make merry with my scanner and play with photoshop for a few evenings ! As Artist in Residence, I was invited along on a school art trip on Wednesday and we boarded a coach that whisked us off to Goodwood Sculpture Park. The park is a charitable foundation set up to celebrate, commission &  promote the work of up and coming and established sculptors. The park itself is well worth a visit and is set in stunning landscaped woodland, providing an excellent backdrop for the work.

As someone who has made a lot of contemporary sculpture over the years – I was blown away – yet again !  More on Goodwood and Sculpture later. . . .

I have been working on some composite drawings of my own and will share these when they are a little further down the line (as it were) ! I have also created a small scale banner, combing the collaborative drawings and some of my digital photographs of various and sundry architectural icons and some images that might not appear on the tourist information leaflets !

I am going to have a busy week ahead as I have taken on even more work (who needs sleep) and have promised to make my studio space look inviting for the thousands of visitors to the PGS Open Morning on 29th September. I will be there in person to answer any questions about the residency – so please feel free to drop in and say hello !


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  1. I really like this idea of collaborative pieces and combining different views. I especially liked the black figure drawing with different sizes of squares and different sizes of the figure with arger legs and feet. You’ve got me wantig to find a life drawing group! Thanks.Carla

  2. Cheers Carla – I enjoy the complete solitude of working in my studio at Artspace, Portsmouth but working in collaboration at the Grammar School is fun too – its just a shame the residency has to stop at the end of this term ! Other benefits are a free wholesome meal at lunch-time ! Re the figure drawing – I’d forgotten about that one (I’ll be developing that idea further) and yes you should definitely either join or perhaps run a life drawing group ! Best Wishes. : ) }

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