chriswooodartist IN RESIDENCE : 2 banners


click on the image to enlarge “Banner Number One” Drawings © Miss Dyers Year 10 class 2012. Collaborative Artwork using original drawings by Miss Dyers class (Portsmouth Grammar School). Images © chriswoodartist All photographs © chriswoodartist all rights reserved.

click on the image to enlarge “Banner Number Two” Drawings © Miss Croxfords Class 2012. Collaborative Images & Banner © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. In this banner I have used most of the images as they were intended by the pupils. I haven’t included any work of my own apart from the photo-manipulation. Both banners were designed to be 200 x 50cms and 300 dpi. However, to include them in the blog, I flattened the images, reduced the size to 72 dpi and reduced the phyisical size to 297 mm x 74mm.

I will be designing a much larger digital banner for the BIG DRAW and during the three days that we will be working in the Cathedral, we will also make a couple of hand made banners, that will include rubbings, drawings, mixed media etc etc. I look forward to next week ! Let the madness begin !

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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