20:20 “Triple Delight”

“20:20 Triple Delight” Photograph and Adobe Photoshop (Giclee Prints available) © copyright chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

The above image was made from a rather weak photo that I took of a stained glass window in St Thomas’s Cathedral in Old Portsmouth. Light was pouring in through the window and the colours of the individual pieces of glass were projected onto the wall. The subsequent photo was under-exposed and nothing like witnessing the spectacular light show ! However, with the aid of my trusty laptop and Adobe Photoshop, I darkened the wall to black, stepped up the strength and saturation of the colours and because I rather liked the effect I duplicated the image twice more – reducing the size of each subsequent layer. The graphic content is purely my latest affectation which is to record the date the image was made. I used to hate the way certain cameras recorded the date when photo was taken but then as interior designers always say, if you make a feature of things, it makes a visual statement (I hope it’s the right one and not too pretentious) !

I apologise for not posting much recently but life has gone back to normal and despite retirement I am busier than before ! I now teach three mornings a week at the University of Portsmouth and somehow manage to fit in teaching in two other venues – in addition to my Residency at the Grammar School etc etc

My residency is well underway and I have spent the entire weekend working on another 5 metre digital banner plus an iMovie that will be projected inside Portsmouth Cathedral during the opening of the exhibition at 19.30 hours 10.10.12. The next three days will be spent working on THE BIG DRAW with groups of year 10 students. We have a very ambitious selection of outcomes planned and I suspect I will need day off next weekend – although I’m too busy for self indulgent things like days off – so I expect with the aid of strong coffee I’ll continue until Christmas – then take a day off !!

Cheerio 4 Now !

PS It’s great that the autumn is approaching as I can rekindle my “country gentleman look” and wear my ancient Norfolk tweed jacket (it’s a bit tight round the middle – but I don’t care) !

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