Strutting One’s Stuff

“Victoria Park” Portsmouth © copyright chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

Some people hate pigeons and spend vast amounts of money to curb their “activities” but the poor creatures have just as much right to be here as us !  Whilst out on a photoshoot, gathering images for my architecture project, I came across this bunch of delightful fellows, who I stood and watched for some time. They pranced around bobbing and pecking at the ground but sadly they didn’t seem to realise the nutritional value of weathered chewing gum !

In my new job,  teaching life drawing at the University of Portsmouth, I am often seranaded by a group of pigeons who, despite the futile attempts to discourage them, they have taken up residence, outside the drawing studio and “coo” at my talented students (or could it be my naked models) !

If it wasn’t for pigeons and Pablo’s Picasso’s father painting them, the great Pablo himself probably wouldn’t be the household name that he is today – nor would he have inspired me and generations of others’ to look at and question the way we see things. So in short, hurrah for the humble pigeon – long may they strut their stuff !

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