Today’s Ink & Digital Rorschach

“Rorschach 31.10.12” Ink & Photoshop © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012

Considering I didn’t get to the residency studio until about 11.00am – today was very productive and somehow I managed to achieve quite a lot. It’s very strange being in the school at half term – no students and this week, very few staff either.

I got quite a lot done to my large charcoal drawing and I’m now working from the two sides into the middle (it seemed a good idea at the time)!

In addition, I made a coloured drip painting, which was the start of the digital flight of fancy above. I also photographed various life drawings and stretched two pieces of cartridge paper for some watercolour experiments that will follow tomorrow.

I’m going to disappear for a glass of something restorative now – so goodnight to everyone in the UK and good morning or whatever to the rest of you !
: ) }

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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