Fireworks inspired Rorschach


“Rorschach number 3” © chriswoodartist all rights reserved 2012. Winsor & Newton Ink on Cartridge Paper (plus a little help from Photoshop).

Tonights Digital Rorschach was inspired by two things : fireworks and yet another an experiment with Winsor & Newton coloured ink. It’s that time of the year when my extremely timid King Charles Spaniel needs constant ressurance that armageddon is not actually beginning here in Hampshire UK ! I can’t blame him for being a little concerned though ! Tonight, rockets and roman candles are in profusion and there have been some extremely loud bangs, one of which certainly made me think twice ! Bonfire Night was traditionally on November 5th and used to stretch for a couple of days either side of the event but over the years the firework season  begins with Cowes week (the first Saturday in August) and ends sometime in the New Year. Its no wonder the nerves of my poor little dog are shot to pieces ! In contrast, Geoffrey the Cat, who was born and raised in Portsmouth, doesn’t seem at all perturbed by the capophony ! Don’t get me wrong – I like watching the occasional display and sometimes it “sparks” off the odd bit of creativity! Tonights effort looks a little macabre – so I guess last night’s Halloween shenanigans has had a hand in the proceedings too ! I’ll post some more recognisable stuff soon and have a lot of life drawings piling up in my studio.

I’m off now to watch The McCoys, to see if its any better this week ! Cheerio 4 now !


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