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“Joe Waxing Lyrical” © all rights reserved 594 x 420mm crayon, candle, oil pastel, Frisk Dye, Quink Ink etc

The above wax resist drawing was an attempt at copying the techniques used by the British sculptor Henry Moore when, as official war artist, (WW2) he created dozens of drawings of people sheltering in the tunnels of London Underground. He used a wax resist method to create his memorable and thought provoking drawings. More on this subject later. . . .

Below “21stC Joe” Digitally remastered version of the above.  ©  all rights reserved


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painter, print-maker and illustrator


  1. Love these works Chris but what is Frisk Dye? Never heard of it over here.

    • Hi Sue – glad you like my latest digital diversion ! Frisk is a supplier of products used for airbrushing. They supply Frisk film (rolls of low adhesive clear plastic) which is for masking out – they also market superb strong Dyes which are concentrated waterbased ink. I bought it years ago when I was into producing airbrushed illustrations. Computers do this better with far less mess and they only get clogged up once a week rather than once every 5 minutes ! I used to spend hours cleaning my wretched airbrush !! : ) }

      • Thanks Chris. I used to own an art shop so always curious about materials. I sold Frisk Film but never saw dyes. I’ve never tried airbrushing but love working with spray cans. Maybe one day. Cheers Sue

  2. The resist is working beautifully for you here-ghostly forms contrasting with the solid vibrant color-Wonderful.

  3. Many thanks for your kind comments Elena ! The colours on my screen are pale in contrast to the original – I must have lost some of the contrast along the way ! The blue Frisk dye is quite intense – I’ll scan a piece of the original and see if that makes any difference. Cheers ! Chris : ) }

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