Pompey Pluckers : jamboree bags & highway 49


“Pompey Pluckers” at The Easter Egg-stravaganza, Hotwalls Old Portsmouth © http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved

A music review is a first for me but this hardy band of Ukulele pluckers deserve much more than a mention ! On monday 01.04.13 at 12.30pm the band met under the arches in Old Portsmouth and in near freezing temperatures entertained the crowds by plucking, strumming and singing their hearts out for an hour ! This edition of the community band consisted of about 15 very talented musicians who created a unique unplugged sound that was definitely worth seeing and hearing ! Their numbers were an eclectic mix of family favourites and popular music from the 1920’s to Pink Floyd and the Beatles – there was definitely something for everyone – whether todlers in arms or grandfathers like myself !

The event, the “Easter Egg-stravaganza” was hosted by Portsmouth’s Hotwalls Café who teamed up with the Square Tower and “Love Southsea” and seemed to be very well attended. I went with my daughter and 8 year old granddaughter, who had a wonderful time sampling not only the music but the various hot food and drinks and the mobile farm, complete with Sheep, Lamb, Shetland Pony, Goats, White Plymouth Rock Frizzle Chickens, and assorted Ducks. Whilst my daughter and I sampled the Hog Roast and a warming glass of mulled cider my granddaughter tucked into a mystery bag of assorted vintage sweets, which reminded me of Jamboree Bags which I regularly bought when I was 8 years old ! The bag was supposed to be for boys (the shop had run out of the “girls” bags) however, the “boys” bag seemed to go down well, containing a vast array of sweets & the obligatory cheap toy ! I seem to remember old fashioned Jamboree Bags from the 1950’s were always disappointing, containing flying saucers (sherbert filled rice paper flying saucer shaped sweets), gob stoppers, licorice bootlaces, sherbert dips and a worthless toy ! I can’t recall how much they were – probably six old pence as opposed to the new version at £2 !

I digress, returning to the Ukulele and music – my first instrument was a tiny Ukulele which is one of the cheapest stringed instruments you can buy and with a little practice you can soon learn a few basic chord shapes and then you’re on the road to stardom ! Sadly, I didn’t practice enough and I ended up buying another larger larger six stringed guitar which made more noise and even after 40 years I still struggle to play ! When you hear a virtuoso like Bill Brozman – you wonder how on earth they do it (and in my case why I continue trying)!  See what I mean : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuzfgagmrBk

Perhaps I should have stuck to my minature guitar ! For those who are inspired and live in Hampshire UK : there’s a Ukulele beginners night every Monday at 8.00pm at The Auckland arms in Netley Road Southsea or for those who fancy a practice/jam session every Thursday, 8pm until late, Old House at Home, Locksway Road, Milton Portsmouth. The sound of several Ukulele’s is good but when you get 15 or more together – its spectacular ! To hear a medley from the Pompey Pluckers Youtube hit “Oh Pluckit” select the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY2jv-Kt9ow ENJOY ! My favourite is the Urban Spaceman (which really shows my age) !
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