Wisteria, potters wheels and back ache !


“Forty-two foot Paradise” © http://www.chriswoodartist.com 2012  My tiny garden, as seen from my bedroom window – incidentally there is a shed underneath that wisteria ! This is how it looked at the height of the growing season last year.

I’m feeling very virtuous today, having spent most of the day in my garden and the remainder driving fourteen bags of prunings to the local dump ! The gardeners among you will probably throw up their hands in horror when they learn that I’ve been decimating my wisteria but as spring is incredibly late I thought it was now or never  (I know I should have done it much earlier)! It surely can’t be long before it starts to get warmer – or can it ? The offending wisteria was growing nicely over my pergola and shed roof but as you can see from the above, I hadn’t given it a major haircut for a couple of years it was beginning to get out of control ! (a bit like its owner).

Probably one of the worst things about gardening is clearing up after you’ve had your fun and today was no exception. Living in a terraced townhouse with no access to the back garden – other than through the house means that all the rubbish has to be carted right through the house. Sadly we don’t have a green bin collection as in more affluent areas – not that I’m bitter and twisted – I believe my rates are cheap and there’s always a reason. You get what you pay for – if you pay less – you know the answer !!

I suffer from back ache if I exert myself (and at my age that includes getting out of my armchair) and today I think I can safely say I exerted myself – so I’m chilling out with a cup of tea and my laptop and hoping that my aching back will go away – which I know it won’t. I just hope it won’t be any worse when I get up tomorrow morning !lejardintunnel“Tunnel Vision” © http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved This is what I believe an artists gargen should look like ! This is a shot taken last summer (2012). Its looking from the decking at the end of the garden toward the house. The leafy canopy is over the pergola and it consists (consisted) of wisteria, fuschia,  a twisted hazel and a selection of decorative roses. Underneath the green tarpaulin (right) is a sit on potters kick wheel for throwing pots.

A job that I’ve been psyching myself up to doing is relocating my potters wheel (above to the right) which weighs a considerable amount and is really a three man job – due to a very heavy circular wheel that you rotate by kicking it as you sit astride the beast ! I’ll take the cover off and photograph it in action later.

That particular job can wait – until three large unsuspecting friends come round ! Besides which I’m not really sure where to relocate it to yet ! 42footparadise“Through the Arch” © http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved. I can’t wait until the garden looks like this again ! At the moment it looks very denuded and not the verdant jungle above.

Well folks that’s all for today ! More ramblings from a geriatric artist later ! : ) }

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  1. Here was I merrily doodling ( well actually drawing downtown Tokyo in pen & ink) them Whamo!! I remembered I had left all of my seedlings out. Thank Chris you brought me back to EARTH!!

  2. You are certainly more virtuous than me – I haven’t started thinking about seeds yet ! PS Re Bringing you down to earth – I’m pleased to be of service !! : ) }

  3. Thats a fabulous artists garden,Chris. I have a rampant panama passionfruit vine that needs a ruthless attack but then another flower buds and I melt. I love the tunnel photo. Cheers Sue

    • Cheers Sue – I know what you mean about the passion flowers – we used to have one until a severe frost killed it off! I thought they were indestructible until then. Best Wishes – Chris

  4. It’s a truly wonderful garden, Chris! Very inspiring – hopefully it will warm up here soon, too!

  5. Many thanks for your comments ! It’s warmed up to a balmy 13 degrees C today ! We even had plein air breakfast for the first time this year ! Best Wishes Chris

  6. And to throw pots in that Monet like garden! heaven .

  7. Monet’s garden was a tad bigger than mine but as you say – I can throw pots in mine ! HEAVEN INDEED ! : ) }

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