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The Old Chapel, 27 Brougham Road, Southsea, home of Art Space Portsmouth and my studio. ©www.chriswoodartist.com

The weather is dull & grey but I’m not – more olive green and tobacco brown but that’s another story !

My batteries are charged up and I’m raring to go – this is because I spent yesterday printmaking at Omega Printmakers in Portsmouth UK.

Today began at 7.30 with a pressing need to micturate ! This was followed by a hot bath, a bowl of cereal and a large mug of Tesco’s finest tea (I like a strong flavoured tea and this one fits the bill) . Next I went aloft to my office to delete this mornings spam and attend to any urgent emails. Since retiring from mainstream education in July 2012 I have slipped into a few routines, one of which is spending the morning doing various administrative tasks which take up far too much time but this includes marketing – which is a necessary evil for all of us. The afternoon is for beeing creative – the evening is usually spent writing, followed by an hour or so in front of the television with Mrs Chris and the animals.

I have a meeting at 12.30 in my studio with QOEcreative who market my courses and horror of horrors – they want to do a promotional video of me, so we will be discussing that and the next batch of art courses. Hopefully the meeting will only last a couple of hours as I want to get on with a couple of paintings that I have on the go. I’m doing a large historical oil painting of a maritime battle and this is overdue – so I must press on with that. I’ve also got a few small marine paintings on the go plus a portrait. In addition to that I have numerous printing projects that need my attention as Omega Printmakers have an annual exhibition coming up in July and as a member I can exhibit 5 or 6 prints. I digress, going back to the meeting I will have to close this post very soon as I need to get ready, buy some biscuits for Ed and Trevor and make sure there is a steady supply of my preferred studio tipple – lapsang suchong  !

I plan to close the meeting at 14.00 hours and get on with my real work ! I’ll stay at the studio until 18.30 then saunter home. Fortunately my studio is only 5-10 minutes walk away from home.

Bye for now


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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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