when is a life drawing not a life drawing ?


“life force” 841 x 594 mm pastel on cartridge © http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved

It would seem summer has arrived. I think May in the UK is often one of the best months – the sun shines, everything starts growing and colour is in abundance everywhere ! The drawing  reflects my mood !

As an artist I spend a lot of time creating highly representational images but its nice to experiment and inject a little more creativity into the process and that’s really what the ethos of my workshops are all about. At first glance the above is a seemingly random collection of patterns . However, there was method in my madness : I projected various natural and geometric patterns at my model and rather than drawing the model I drew the patterns. The process used here is exactly the same as for my more conventional forms of life drawing – it’s all observational drawing ! My drawings often include multiple layers and here – every time I put a new pattern on the projector, I changed the colour of the pattern and the model assumed a new pose. Some of the patterns stop at the edge of a particular contour but I tried not to be too obvious by retaining an element of mystery.

Well that’s it for now – I’m off to my studio to get on with a linocut. It should be nice and cool in the studio, which is part of a converted church. The walls are very thick and whatever the weather – its invigorating . . .

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painter, print-maker and illustrator


  1. It’s a wonderful image!

  2. Many thanks Elena : ) }

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