970032_536548809742093_840939694_nI’ve been rather quiet recently because I’ve had three fairly time consuming projects going on – firstly it was Open Studios at ArtSpace Portsmouth, where I operate from – secondly I currently have 4 linocuts on show at The Annual Omega Printmakers Show in St Thomas’s Cathedral Portsmouth and last but no means least is the exhibition featured in the above flyer !

DRAWN&QUARTERED was born out of my residency at Portsmouth Grammar School, where my friends, Simon Willcocks, Nick Llewellyn & Simon Whitcomb all work. As individual artists we all work very differently, expressing our ideas in a wide variety of different media. However, there is a common thread running through all of our work – the relationship between space, time and place.

Simon Willcocks’ abstract compositions have a fascination with space and the integrity of the picture plane itself – Nick Llewellyn’s atmospheric charcoal drawings explore not only the physicality of his chosen medium but play with graphic elements that make up the landscape – Simon Whitcomb’s playful and exuberant paintings again explore the physical qualities of paint and the effects of light on land or sea.

For my part, I too am inspired by land and sea with the addition of time – I enjoy combining images from different periods of my life or reworking and revisiting old motifs found in earlier work. I like the process of making an artwork and time is a very important element of that process – some pieces take minutes to conceive and months or even years to bring to fruition – for me it’s this relationship with time that makes the piece special.

I’ll post some examples of the work later – needless to say I’m a little busy at the moment ! In fact I’m off to the gallery after dinner to put up some labels and the all important pricelist !

Cherio 4 now


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  1. Last nights preview was good for the ego – the wine and olives were good too but my bank manager won’t be retiring to the Bahama’s on the proceeds ! : ) }

  2. Wonderful, Chris. I look forward to seeing some of the work.

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