“The chapel” Copyright http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved. Created using Procreate and IPad November 2013

What follows is intended for my animation and computer games students.


LAST WEEK at the ANIMATION/GAMES FACTORY we looked at COMPOSITION and VIEWPOINT & created two drawings, one of an INTERIOR from an interesting ANGLE or VIEWPOINT and one EXTERIOR seen through a window. In addition, you were encouraged to use digital cameras, for reference purposes.

This was followed by 4 hours of SELF DIRECTED STUDY TIME in which you developed your images – either digitally or using traditional image making materials. The aim was to add an element of NARRATIVE AND CONSIDER BOTH THE COMPOSITION AND THE COLOURS. I also suggested that you could add a concept character or produce a short storyboard describing an embryo sequence.
Particular attention to the use of colour and composition was the key !

THIS WEEK : You will be going out on a field trip to a CHURCH or THE CATHEDRAL.
Your TASK is to make a number of studies of the interior and depending on the weather the exterior. Today you should consider the format : draw different shaped boxes – the aim being to think about balance within the format – like different camera aspect ratios. For example 4:3, 16:9 and Panavision. The drawings should be created in any dry media you chose.

NB : When inside the church or cathedral : Please respect the premises and other people using them. Please be quiet, do not make any mess and ask if you can take photos.

THIS WEEKS SELF DIRECTED STUDY TIME : digital photography: take several pictures of the same subject and experiment with composition and mood of the shot/subject, e.g. how could you take a photo of a mug of tea and make it look: 1. lonely/isolated, 2. Proud. 3. Menacing/angry.

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