“George and Mabel : a tale of two crows and a eucalyptus tree – part two”

George and Mabel are no ordinary birds they have special powers. Humans imagine all animals and birds are lacking in intelligence but that’s just because the scientists have only studied those with limited ability. Whereas, there are some that have above average ability and a very tiny minority that have exceptional talents – just like Humans ! Because we cannot understand them we have written them off – they are marginalised.

A human, called Professor Algernon Weingum, very nearly exposed George and Mabel, when one day when he was visiting a friend, he noticed the crows performing for the crowds in front of The Ruined Church. Whilst most crows hop and dance about during the day, the antics of our comedy duo caught the Professors attention and he quickly realised that these were no ordinary birds. They were clearly showing off and enjoying being the centre of attention.

The birds habits are very regular, they roost in their favourite tree, from sunset until sunrise and spend the day foraging for food and entertaining the tourists. However, at night, there are loud parties that go on until the early hours and the birds sleep is often interrupted. Once awake, birds and humans alike think of food and the birds often have a midnight snack consisting of some insectivorous delicacy from inside the tree. Sadly having a snack is not like opening a fridge door – for birds living in a eucalyptus tree they have to peck at the bark to get to their prey ! Every night the tap tap tap of the birds pecking almost seems to be in time with the beat of the music that wakes them up.

Once the sun appears over the horizon the birds jump out from the safe canopy of their eucalyptus tree into the garden of an elderly lady who has lived in the house since she retired from the circus. The island where they all live has had a very long and checkered history and some believe it to be a magical place. Certainly the island has attracted Humans with special powers and it is said that people from foreign lands used to regularly visit and trade with the islanders and some of these foreign mystics stayed and raised families.


Many thanks for dropping by and taking the trouble to read this story which continues very soon !
All the very best ! Copyright http://www.chriswoodartist.com all rights reserved Chris N Wood 23.11.13

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