Spitsticker, Scorper, Graver & Lemonwood Block


For those who wondered just what the afore mentioned wood engravers looked like this is my latest photograph showing all three of my prize possessions plus a Lemonwood block that I carved on my last Wood Engraving Workshop at Omega Printmakers in Portsmouth. The session was led by master printmaker Garrick Palmer and a very informative and productive session it was too. First we carved a tiny practice piece, just to get the hang of the carving technique and the range of mark making that could be achieved. Then after printing from the practice piece we launched into a transcription of some images that were handed out to us. I chose a rather non-descript abstract which meant I could focus on exploring the types of mark and not worry too much about any representational issues ! Sadly I don’t know who the artist was that I did the copy from. The image was a small reproduction of a painting of uncertain parentage !

I’m now looking forward to my next wood engraving workshop that will be held in the Omega Printmaking Studios in Portsmouth on the 30th November by Artist & Printmaker David Peduzzi.

I’ll take photos of this and post the results both on the Omega Printmakers Facebook page and here on my blog.

Cheers for now!


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