2014, Pencils, Wind, Rain & Good Intentions

I’ve survived Christmas, storms, floods, a 320 mile round trip, reheated left-overs and lastly, the New Year which began with a slightly sore head !

Today, I’m still in holiday mood – hence having the luxury of time to write this blog ! I have also been sorting out my vast collection of pencils and organising them into some semblance of order. I’ve also sharpened about 50 or more of them – ” I know how to have a good time” ! My day began at 07.30 when I got up, ran a bath and washed my ageing locks. I usually fill a kettle from the filter jug and turn on said kettle so that by the time I’ve completed my ablutions, I’ve got hot water for a large mug of tea.

Most mornings and today was no exception, I drink my tea in the library whilst I catching up with emails and looking at a few social media sites on the iPad. If I have time I also have a quick bite to eat which this morning consisted of a round of toast onto which was spread one of my Christmas presents, a jar of Bacon and Chilli Jam, which was disappointing as it didn’t taste of Chilli or Jam – however, the brown lumpy goo did bare a slight resemblance to reconstituted meat but I prefer my bacon to be Danish and cooked in a frying pan along with a couple of eggs and some tomatoes !

The weather today has continued to be wet and wild with a strong south westerly gale battering the garden. As I’ve already said I haven’t exerted myself much yet apart from sharpening pencils ! After lunch I flicked on the television and discovered “The Eagle Has Landed” and I decided to indulge myself and watch it – which wrote off most of the afternoon !

I don’t usually go in for writing New Years resolutions but watching a few good films is on the list. I have also decided to create 2,014 artworks, which I’ll exhibit in 2015 unless I sell them first and selling is something I hope to do more of in 2014. I also need to find some more galleries to exhibit my work – so perhaps a marketing strategy is called for. . . . I love to “create” but getting the stuff tastefully framed and on the wall of a good gallery is often put on the “back burner” – this will change ! I aim to get cracking and sell more work. Last year I spent too much time teaching and or thinking about teaching – this year there is going to be a change of emphasis !

Well that’s all I have to say for now – I still have pencils to organise and drawings to get on with !
Cheerio for now and HAPPY HOGMANAY !

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painter, print-maker and illustrator

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