Still Life with Workshop

I would dearly love a wonderful building with this amount of character for my studio / workshop ! I would imagine its a little draughty from time to time but that’s the nature of barns. My solution would be to erect a smaller hermetically sealed structure inside the barn – a shed in the corner !

milkhouse studio

Workshop Entrance

Someone wants a new workshop and I just can’t see why. It looks perfectly fine to me. Just look how gracefully the roof line curves downward. (If I may point out, that’s not camera distortion, that’s for real) And look at that fine mid-century garage door. This is a treasure trove of history! “Why in the world would you cover that up!!” (I’m sort of loosely quoting one of our favorite HGTV show hosts there. I wonder if anyone recognizes who that might be??!)

Workshop View

Seriously though, there is so much texture, vignettes and personality in that space, I would be sad to see it go. Time and again I get pulled in there and just stare at the odd placement of tools, the random still lifes, and the beautiful texture of weathered wood:

Workshop Shelves

…along with some time worn metal:


and odd bits and tools:


Sure, it needs a little sprucing…

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