Circumnavigation : Part 1 : Hayling Ferry : 2014

IMG_0883“Low Tide at the Ferry” : Eastney Beach & Hayling Island (right) © all rights reserved Chris N Wood 2014

Over the last two and a half months the weather in UK has broken all  records with devastating storms and flooding caused by exceptional high tides, storm force winds and unparalleled amounts of rain ! Here, on my part of the coast, we have been fairly lucky and locally the only flooding has been caused by high tides accompanied by massive waves that have been whipped up by winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.

So far, I have resisted the temptation to go out & photograph in the rain ! I prefer to focus on the days after the storms – the attached photos illustrate my point.

You can see by the ripples on the surface of the water that this was yet another windy, albeit much brighter day than those of late and the huge waves that pounded the coast are but a memory. However, there is a big clean up going on and the loss adjusters are rushed off their feet.

My heart goes out to the those poor souls who are still underwater and a significant part of southern and middle England still have three feet or more water in their houses with vast tracts of farmland reduced to water meadows. It will probably take months for most of them to return to normality and the farmers have really been hit ! Here on the coast it has been too rough for months for the inshore fishermen to go fishing and they too are suffering. Not only have they not been able to go out and earn their livelihood but they have lost thousands of pounds worth of gear, in the form of lobster pots etc.

When I went out, my intention was to record a series of images around Portsea Island that I can turn into prints and paintings. The other criteria was to get out of the house and have a short walk – with the emphasis on the SHORT !  Despite the relatively clear sky it was a very crisp day. As usual, I went out armed with my sketchbook and ipad and I sat down on the beach and made a few drawings and took a few shots with the camera on the ipad but it was really too chilly to stay in any one spot for long ! My “WALK” was from the tip of the Eastney penninsula, past the Lifeboat Station and the Eastney Cruising Association Clubhouse towards the jetty and pumping station and back. I will revisit this spot again and make some more drawings as I really like the whole area – its reminiscent of Felixstowe Ferry in Suffolk, my all time favourite stamping ground.

To return to my circumnavigation of Portsea Island, my next excursion will be to explore Lock Lake which is to the left of my second photo, then I will walk up to Fort Cumberland – not a long walk but hopefully – an inspiring one !


“Storm Damage & Cabin with a View” © all rights reserved Chris N Wood 2014

IMG_0887“Eastney Shingle & Hayling Island” © all rights reserved Chris N Wood 2014

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  1. Thank you for he update you’ve had horrendous winds too! Keep going and get some nice little drawings to remember it by,

  2. Cheers Carla ! I can report that today, there is very little wind, the shopping has just been delivered, the sun is out and all is good, this fine spring day ! I’m off to the studio shortly to get on with a print inspired by my Hayling Island photographs. I hope you’re well and enjoying life ! : ) }

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