HALF TERM BLUES & copper sulphate

As a retired art teacher I should be enjoying one very long half term. Sadly my pension is so small that I cannot afford to enjoy a life that isn’t regulated by terms and a constant round of chasing my tail. I swopped one job in one venue for four in separate venues – three of which are termly and one that is structured into three semesters, which aren’t split into halves, with a break from the chalk-face ! So whilst I have just had a break of one week from one job and two weeks from two and no break from my main job ! Confused yet ?

This is my first week back from HALF TERM and this Wednesday feels very much like a typical Friday ! Looking at things from a different perspective – when I’m not teaching/lecturing I’m free to pursue my career as a professional artist. Probably the best thing about being semi retired is that the teaching that I do now is on MY terms and I don’t have any interference from others. I am completely independent and valued for who I am. The lions share of my teaching is to adults who attend my art workshops that I design, market, advertise and deliver as chriswoodartist not as a cog in a wheel but as the entire vehicle !

My practice as an artist is centered around my teaching and its something that I will continue until I drop !

935216_199496793532373_527575219_nAbove “Blue Blob” Copper Sulphate Etching © Chris N Wood http://www.chriswoodartist.com All rights resereved 2014

“The Blob” may not seem entirely relevant to my post on half terms but its an example of a method of printmaking that I discovered about this time last year and one that I would like to revisit – perhaps in the next half term !


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