Double Take !


© Chris N Wood All rights reserved 2014

I was surfing a Facebook the other day and discovered something amusing !

I was stopped in my tracks by a photo that I thought I’d taken but after closer scrutiny I realised that the photo was taken about 5 miles further down the coast and by a former student ! The clouds were identical to the above – the sunset was as above – but the subtle difference was the Isle of Wight didn’t look quite the same ! We are so paranoid about copyright issues that we forget – perhaps SOME images don’t belong to us in the first place ! Its nice to share a fleeting moment in time and amusing how popular sunsets are – as I took this shot I became aware that there were about four or five people behind me with their iphones and digital cameras snapping away – little did I think that someone that I knew would take such a similar shot and post it on Facebook ! On reflection, I suppose its not that unusual to think that a former student of mine would be snapping away on such a splendid evening – long live photography !

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