Perspective, Composition & Portsmouth

Week 7 and my Computer Games Students have begun the rocky road to understanding the complexities of perspective and composition. As a self directed study (homework) they were asked to go out and do a photo shoot around Portsmouth. The aim was to capture images of both URBAN and RURAL life within the City. Next they had to choose 2 images to print out at A4 (210x297mm) and bring them into the Friday session for rejigging.

After showing various diagrams explaining the basics of one, two and three point perspective the students drew these out for themselves and the more adventurous begun with a quick study of the interior of the studio in single point perspective.

Next came a short dialogue from yours truly about composition and what is meant by aesthetically pleasing compositions as opposed to uneasy compositions. Finally the students were asked to revisit their photographs and produce a line only version which was either more or less appealing. 

As as a self directed study they were asked to complete their studio project and do one further composition using warm colours (red, orange, yellow, purple) and a further piece using cold colours (green, blue, lemon yellow etc)

I am looking forward to seeing their efforts and to this weeks session when I will instruct them on the use of colour as a means of expression. We will look at the Fauves, Andre DERRAIN, Henri Matisse and Dufy- it should make for an interesting session! I have asked them to bring watercolours and brushes but I’m not holding my breath ! I will add to the post later

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